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Posted on Oct 2, 2018 in Marketing y Estrategias bio

One of the main features of the Spanish organic sector is the high level of internationalization which has allowed large increases in both exports and imports.

Exports of Spanish organic products reached €890 million in 2016 and imports reached €596 million. These statistics represent an export growth rate of 51% in the last five years and 196% in the case of imports.

In the last year, exports grew to around 14.5% compared to the previous year, from €778 million in 2015 and €891 million in 2016, while imports continue an even higher growth rate with an increase of 38.3% in the same period.

Main Spanish organic products

There are four main categories that dominate Spanish organic exports: vegetables, wines, oils and fruits, which in total account for around 72% of Spanish organic exports. The main recipients of these exports were countries in the European Union (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, among others); and to a lesser extent (less than 10%) to non-EU countries (USA, Mexico, China, South Korea and Australia).


Main Spanish organic imports

The main imported organic products are grains and soybean derivatives; seasonal fruits and vegetables, tropical fruits; baby food; dietary products; dairy products and milk drinks; coffee, tea, infusions,  cocoa derivatives; as well as animal feed and raw materials for organic farms or industries. Our main suppliers are mainly from the European Union (Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy); as well as the United States, South America or India.


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