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Posted on Sep 2, 2018 in Consumidor Ecológico, Consumo Ecológico, Estudios de Mercado Ecológico

Younger, more concerned about health and with an increased social and environmental awareness, are the main characteristics of Spanish consumers.


Organic  consumption starts with fresh produce and as these consumers secure their consumption habits, they buy from an increasing range of bio categories.
Health and the absence of chemical substances are the main reasons to consume.


Latest research carried out by MAPAMA in 2016 analyzing the organic consumer profile, identifies little variation compared to the previous one released in 2014. The motivations for consuming remain the same but there are certain changes in purchase habits. The consumer is a well-informed buyer and the percentage of those who consume organic products on a daily basis has increased.


Fresh produce still leads consumption

The product categories that attract the new consumer are mainly eggs, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. While consumption is reinforced, organic purchases extend to new categories such as honeys, jams, pastries, pulses and organic meat. Research carried out by Iri in 2017 about “Consumo Eco y Bio 2017” indicates that the main  categories of consumption, in addition to those already mentioned, are vegetable based drinks and vegetarian food.


Health, chemical free and better quality

The main reason for consuming organic products is due to the understanding that they help to lead a healthier lifestyle. The absence of synthetic chemical substances, the high quality and taste of the product also constitute important reasons for consumption.


Expensive, but availability is improving

Once again, the main obstacle for consumption identified in the 2016 research is price. The improvements in the supply chain, both in the specialized channel and in modern trade, made the lack of availability identified in the previous studies less relevant, causing it to go from the second to the third reason for non-consumption.


Millennials, main organic consumer

The characterization of the organic consumer carried out in 2016 shows that 30% are less than 35 years old. This generation of people born between 1980 and 2000, also called millennials, has become the main national consumer. The expected market growth is likely to come from these buyers for two reasons. The first derives from a foreseeable increase in their disposable income and, and second from the fact that they are beginning to create new families.
This situation leads to the development of new attitudes, priorities and motivations that will influence their purchasing behavior by actively seeking healthier and more nutritious products. This structure coincides with other developed countries, as a study conducted by the Organic Trade Association in USA in 2017 also concluded that millennials were the main buyers of organic products.

Currently, 25% of millennials are already parents and in the next 10-15 years the percentage of families will be around 80% causing a great boost in bio consumption. It also reveals that there is a direct relationship between having family and consumption of organic products, as the main motivation of buyers is the belief that buying organic products makes them better parents.


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