Other sales formats

Posted on Nov 28, 2017 in Marketing y Estrategias bio

Consumer cooperatives

One of the traditional formats of commercialization, consumer groups, is also evolving towards consumer cooperative formats where the partners work in management and organization. The main consumer of this segment is the “consumer-actor”; an environmentally and socially-conscious consumer who engages in commitment to various issues through consumption. Around 13% -15% of sales are made through this channel.

Direct sales

Direct sales and local market channels between producers and consumers maintain their market share of between 7% -15%.

The catering & hospitality sector

There are two main driving forces developing catering channels. On the one hand there is a higher number of organic catering establishments nationally and on the other hand, the development of municipal and regional policies, promoting the consumption of organic products in school canteens, is encouraging catering companies to search for local and organic suppliers for school menus. This channel maintains its share between 2-3% of total sales.

Online y Marketplaces

According to the MAPAMA research, food products bought via e-commerce accounted for only 0.9% of total sales in Spain in 2016 (around €620 million). Nevertheless, there are multiple online initiatives from retailers that launched online shops and marketplaces, which are continually increasing their organic assortment.

For this study, we analyzed Amazon’s best-sellers in the Spanish marketplace within the category of food and beverages. The research concluded that 10% of the top 100 best-selling products were organic.