Bio Producers & Processors

We collaborate on projects developed by organic processors and producers in a national and international environment.

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Through our experience in retail ( modern trade and independet retailers) we have developed a deep knowledge of consumer motivations  and expectations. We apply this expertise in all projects of our customers.

Some of the services provided:

  • Benchmarking and market research: Trends, products, categories, competition.
  • Commercial and marketing consulting services: 
    Market analysis, product launches, brand positioning, digital marketing, offline and online campaigns.
  • International business developmentCommercialisation and distribution strategies on an international level, launching products and negotiations.
  • Support for the certification process: European Organic  Certification and Biodynamic Certification.
  • Import & Export assesment
  • Management and marketing training

How can we help you ?


If you wish to receive  further information of our services or want to contact us, please write to or click  here  to fill in your contact details.