Spanish Organic Sector 2018


EcoLogical has published the 'Organic Sector in Spain 2018', an exhaustive report that gathers the most up-to-date information about national and international public bodies and contains original studies about the Spanish organic sector.

It presents relevant data about the organic market, the consumer, production, distribution channels for bio products and the international context that has secured Spain's prominence on the world stage.


Key facts and figures

  • Organic domestic market value: € 1.686 Mill (Spain is ranked 10th among world markets)

  • Per capita expenditure in Spain: €36.33 (up 12.58% from 2015)

  • Organic market share: 1.69% of the total food market

  • Organic agricultural area: 2.01 million hectares (ranked 1st in terms of size in EU, 5th globally)


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